6 Factors to identify a reputable Binary Options Broker

Binary options remain interesting investment opportunity for many investors. Consumers rightly wonder how they can identify a reputable Binary options broker. What makes good broker actually looks like? This article clarifies this question so that interested investors than we are able to recognize a reputable broker based on certain characteristics.

1: A wide range of tradable assets

An important feature is the range of asset to trade on offered; a variety of commodities, stocks, and currencies. As a seasoned investor, I can testify that at trading opportunities appear every time in different markets and assets around the world. So it is important to have an operating trading account which covers as many assets as possible

2: The Demo Account

Who wants to be a champion, needs to practice. A demo account is a key decision-making tool for beginners. Not every broker has a demo account on offer, but each investor should make sure that he chooses a broker that provides just that. With a demo account can perform test trades under real conditions without real money bets. This is important because beginners can, first of all, get acquainted with the operating options on the platform. Secondly, they know the effects, drag the specific settings on the platform by itself. Alternatively, it may be advisable to use an account that traded with the minimal amounts of a few euros. Basically, it should be possible on the one way or another, all possible strategies initially “dry” try.
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The software for binary trading should be easy to understand, straightforward and user-friendly.
3 Other additional methods to trade binary options,
specify the fixed price clamping widths, which may not be exceeded.
Some brokers also have complex option variants on offer. Experience has shown that successful investors tend with experience in a specific option variant and focus on a few underlying. For this reason, the supply of tradable instruments is particularly important in the choice of the broker in the long run.
The offered software for binary trading should be easy to understand, straightforward and user-friendly. In addition, reputable providers characterize the fact that they provide their customers with comprehensive information and provide several different analysis and reporting tools.

3: premiums and bonuses for loyal customers and newcomers

Neither a bonus nor a reward for existing customers or new customers should be the main reason for choosing a broker. Nevertheless, they are a feature for a serious or unscrupulous.
Bottom line, consumers should know that brokers distribute rare gifts. Are bonuses and premiums designed so that customers have to invest a multiple of to be achieved bonus caution? Also, opaque conditions around a premium are hallmarks lack seriousness. The range of bonus and incentive schemes is not easy to see through. In general, potential investors should the broker that is why advance on this point thoroughly take a closer look. You can find online useful support. In the Broker Comparison on Abzocktest.com include broker BDSwiss, anyoption and OptionWeb the most popular and most reputable providers of trading binary options. The portal has dealt in his test with the conditions of the bonuses and premiums, decrypts it and transparent. The results of the tests help to separate the wheat from the chaff.

4: Payment and conditions

With the payment methods offered and payment can also assess the degree of seriousness. Broker aim as quickly as possible to get the money to the customer. Conversely, the return flow of money should be as uncomplicated and fast feasible. In many cases, brokers offer different payment options, be it a credit card, PayPal or Skrill. Ideally, the deposit will be charged.
The reverse should be analogous. It is, for example, quite common that payments be made solely on the way in which the payment has occurred. Customer-friendly and a good sign are when the number of payouts is not limited. However, some providers allow, for example, once a month a withdrawal free of charge, others combine minimum limits on the amounts eligible for payout. Here it is important to check the fine print or to view the results from the above-mentioned test on this point exactly.

Feature 5: Responsiveness and Customer Care

An active, accessible customer service is a positive indicator reputable provider. Deals with 24-hour availability and multilingualism are positively driven. Those who opt for a provider that only provides e-mail forms and a request processed within a few days should be about the fact that short-term aid is not expected to clear. The more contact options offered by a broker, the more serious it presents. In times of mobile, internet & Co. is customer friendly when the contact may be by phone, made by email, fax, mail, or in chat.

6: regulation and deposit insurance

Reputable brokers offer their clients a regulation by the customer-oriented Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) to. It has its headquarters in Cyprus. Since many brokers for binary options have their headquarters overlooking the fiscal framework also in Cyprus, which is a positive feature.

in Germany, the Federal Institute for Financial Services (BaFin) responsible. regulation also means securing a guaranteed deposit insurance from the amounts paid to their clients.